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Roofing Inspections 

"The roof is where many problems of a property begin. If the foundation is the most important part of a building, the roof comes a close second."

Roofing is a critical element to your property. Poor roof coverings, soft sheeting or framing, and exposed felt are some of the items that cause problems later on. We further investigate interior ceilings for stains or damage caused by roof problems. We estimate the age and lifespan of your roof to help you fully understand its current condiiton.

Trinity Construction visits your site and shoots a THERMOGRAPH IMAGE which will show you the truth about what lies underneath what you can't see. Our thermographic imaging can also be used to detect....

In very short order, our certified infrared inspectors can thermographically scan your site to identify and document problems for remediation. You have the potential to save significant amounts of money in energy, maintenance, and insurance costs.

While inspecting the roof, we determine if there are any possible problems which should be addressed immediately to insure the roof will endure over time. We take into consideration important details, like the average weather and heat temperatures for your neighborhood. We all know midwestern weather can take its toll on your building. Variables such as annual rainfall, ordinary temps and the desired incline all play a contributing factor in the lifespan of your roof.

As a business manager, it's wise to opt for a roof that will require low maintenence. Tritiny can introduce you to the selections you require for your individual situation and finances. We can also help you answer all of the questions and concerns you have.