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For Clients

"Just for you, a special message about our company... not business to business, just person to person. From me to you."

I've been in this business for three decades, and I know every aspect of commerical construction. In our business, many companies are only interested in getting the job, so they underbid. This forces them to cut corners where they shouldn't. And since most builders aren't interested in what happens after the job's done, there is no real motivation to do the job right. That's not us. I'm interested in lifelong clients I can provide excellent service for as long as you own your building.

I come from a time where word of mouth was more important than a high search engine ranking. And I believe that a solid reputation is the single most important attribute any company can have. With Trinity, when a job is finished, we remain avaiilable to our clients with a variety of maintenence and renovation services as your building battles the elements during years of hard midwestern winters.

And with my years of expereince, I can advise on ways to keep expenses down that will not effect the quality of our construction project. We can impliment long term solutions that can keep utility expenses down while increasing the day-to-day operating effiiciency of your property.  

At Trinity, we are commited to quality service and long term relationships. Our value engineering approach to projects creates real savings by maximizing the performance of all trades required to complete a safe, quality project on-schedule and within budget. Whether in New Lenox, Mokena, Frankfort, Orland, the south side, north side or any side... Trinity can remodel your location with expertise.

There's a reason why I've stayed in construction for so long. I truly enjoy the process. It's extremely rewarding to have a long list of clients that truly appriecaite the work you did, and continue to call when a new project arrives.

Joe Bandza

CEO - Trinity Construction